Dear Friends, Due to being busy in December fighting to save five Carnegie Library branches (explained later in the Update), again this year I hope this greeting reaches you around the time of Christmas according to the Julian calendar (i.e. Orthodox Christmas: Jan. 7), and the Epiphany (Jan. 6) which is the subject of Buhl Planetarium’s long-running Star of Bethlehem planetarium sky show, pictured on the front of the Christmas card.


Updates: Buhl Planetarium and Carnegie Library – 2010 January


First, a personal note: My mother, Eleanor Walsh Perrine, passed-away on April 5 at age 78. She had suffered from asthma and COPD most of her life. In addition, she was legally blind and directed that her eyes be donated to the Cleveland Clinic for medical research, through the Foundation Fighting Blindness. In all of my activism for several different causes over the years, I would have to say that my mother was my greatest supporter, who provided me with moral and other support I needed to keep going. I will miss her deeply.