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2008 May 27                                                                          Fundraising Efforts


Good afternoon. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue,

Mount Lebanon, Project Director of Friends of the Zeiss.


First I want to thank the Board of Directors of the Allegheny

Regional Asset District for the time spent, at the last meeting,

discussing our concerns regarding the historic Buhl Planetarium

artifacts. I also want to thank Rob Jones for speaking with me,

at length, following the meeting. One of your primary messages

to us was that Friends of the Zeiss should be raising funds to

help preserve the artifacts. I want you to know that we heard that



As I explained to Rob Jones, the reason we have not done so up

until now is because the City has given possession of the artifacts

to the Science Center, and we could not ask the people to give us

money to preserve artifacts of which we have no access. Still, we

understand that you feel we should have a more formal organization,

so that we could be in a position to start fundraising, should

we achieve access to the artifacts.


On the day before last month’s RAD Board meeting, an opportunity

arose for me to learn more about non-profit fundraising. At that time,

I learned that a workshop titled, “The Vintage Observatory: Thriving

in the 21st Century,” would occur May 2 to 4 at the Cincinnati Observatory.

Although I had less than a week to make necessary arrangements, I did

attend the entire conference.


Among the many sessions was a session titled, “Crash Course in Fundraising

for Vintage Observatories,” presented by a professional fundraiser who has

helped the Cincinnati Observatory—in fact, she lives a stones-throw away

from the Observatory! So, I will be using my notes, and the handouts, from

her session as a guide as I learn more about fundraising.


To get to the point where we could begin fundraising, Friends of the Zeiss

needs to become a non-profit corporation. With the assistance of a Friends

member who is an attorney, I have started investigating all of the

requirements for this. I hope to begin filing applications within the next

month for incorporation and for non-profit status. From what I have read,

the IRS is the slowest to respond, so 501(c)(3) status may take some time.


With your encouragement, we have begun the process that will lead us to the

point where we could begin fundraising for preservation and possible use or

display of the historic Buhl Planetarium artifacts. Once we reach that point,

we may need your help in achieving access to the artifacts. I will contact

you at that time.


Thank you.